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2" Receiver Winch Cradle Cabled Remote
2" Receiver Winch CradleCabled Remote

Works with ATV, UTV & SxS Winches. 2" Receiver Hitch (not included with this purchase) is required for use with this cradle.

Waterproof 9' Cabled Remote Switch . Bullet Connectors - designed to work with VIPER ATV / UTV / SxS Classic, Max and Elite Series winches.



Clevis hook Contactors
Clevis hookContactors

Universal clevis hook for winch cables.

Classic, Max & Elite Contactor/Solenoid New 2nd Generation sealed & potted electric contactor/solenoid. Features : Fully sealed Silver internals - can not corrode Upgraded housing can withstand high heat Treated with a moisture absorbing...



Replacement Winch Cable Viper Elite Winch
Replacement Winch CableViper Elite Winch

Replace your old winch cable with a new one. This galvanized cable is 3/16" x 50. Or our AmSteel ® -Blue UPGRADE U.S. made synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength.

Viper Elite Winch - the Absolute TOP OF THE LINE ATV/UTV Winch! The Viper Elite ATV / UTV / SxS winch is the top of the line design with whisper quiet, metal gears, easy to use AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic cable, and the ultra flexible wireless...



Viper Max Winch Viper Midnight Series Winch
Viper Max WinchViper Midnight Series Winch

Automatic Brake Standard

The Viper Midnight Series ATV / UTV / SxS winch is fully sealed with composite housing and all metal gears. Standard features include a permanent magnet motor with mechanical load holding and dynamic brake, waterproof switch and stainless steel...



Winch Fairleads Winch Saver Rubber Stopper
Winch FairleadsWinch Saver Rubber Stopper

Roller Fairlead Our durable VIPER ATV / UTV roller fairlead will reduce wear on your steel winch cable and greatly assist with angled pulls. It has Delron bushings & Zinc plated rollers that stand up to the toughest task. The black mount is...

Stops your clevis hook from pulling through your roller fairlead or aluminum hawse.



Wireless Winch Remote System
Wireless Winch Remote System

Features: Wireless units have a unique frequency - no interference with another wireless setup Handheld switch is large enough for easy use but small enough for your pocket or stage compartment Weather Resistant receiver and handheld unit...