Replacement Winch Cable
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Replace your old, kinked, & rusted ATV / UTV winch cable with a new one.  This
galvanized cable  is 3/16" x 50.


AmSteel®-Blue UPGRADE

U.S. made AmSteel®-Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking  strength than that of  steel cable but weighs far less. It won't bind up or develop those  sharp frays that give nasty slivers. It doesn't  conduct electricity or  heat, so it won't freeze your hands in winter.  It won't rust, doesn't  kink, doesn't recoil, and doesn't stretch. It is a MUST HAVE for any  serious off-road riders!


AmSteel®-Blue has a patented coating called Samthane which protects  the cable from damage - so its critical to get the AmSteel®-Blue brand -  other brands do not have this coating.


  • 3/16 inch diameter cable is rated at 5,400 lb
  • 1/4 inch diameter cable is rated at 8,600 lb
  • Includes sliding 5' protective sheath to protect against rough or sharp surfaces
  • AmSteel®-Blue is the brand name, it can be dyed into many colors
  • Replace your old cable in 15 minutes or less
  • Comes with woven metal eye hole for any hooking system
  • Perfect for all your winching needs!


An aluminum hawse fairlead should be used with synthetic cable - NOT a roller fairlead. 


65' cable is intended to be used on wide-spool (6") winches only.  It will not fit on the standard 4.5" ATV winch.


  • Item #: Viper-Cbl
  • Manufacturer: Moto Alliance

Replacement Winch Cable

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