Polaris Ranger 900 Stage 2 package
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Unleash the beast in your Polaris Ranger 900!! Our dyno tuned, trail tested stage 2 kit will bring you the most HP gains on the market without going inside your engine for expensive, and possibly troublesome, high performance parts replacement. Pull more, haul more, climb easier and faster!

This kit includes our Stage 2 ECU tune, Choice of Hotseat or Trinity Slip-on exhaust, and RVS custom calibrated adjustable weight clutch kit to allow your engine to run at it's peak HP RPM and give you the most power your machine can make safely and reliably on 91 octane fuel.

 Tires over 31" on Non-EBS include upgrade to the Team tied secondary clutch with our custom tuned helix and spring.  If you have the team tied EBS secondary on 31+ tires, please call as we need to update the helix in it as well hich is a $100 upgrade.

Your ECU must be sent in to our North Branch, MN facility for us to reprogram. New preprogrammed ECUs are also available at additional cost if you wish to keep your stock one.

***only the ttrinity full exhasut will fit the 2016-17 model Ranger 900

Shipping Address:

RVS Performance

6194 Main St.

North Branch, MN 55056

RVS Performance is the industry leader in Ranger tuning and clutching. We have released our long anticipated Ranger 900 ReFlashes. We flash your ECU to our own custom tune. Huge horsepower gains have been realized through timing, fueling and torque limit modifications. We also build additional safety into our tune by lowering the fan on temperature by 20 deg F. The OEM fan on temperature is is too high (well over 200 deg F). In addition the fan on/off temperatures can be set for each customer depending upon where they live and the conditions typically ridden in. Other great features are added and/or changed to enhance the drivability and fun factor of the vehicle. We have brought our vast experience to the SXS market to extract the most performance from the Ranger/RZR 900/1000 engines as possible. Your ecu must be sent to our shop for reprogramming - otherwise, pre flashed ECU's can be purchased outright for additional cost. With this option, there is no need to send us your ECU. HP gains from 13-30HP depending on tuning stage and supporting mods.

  • Rev Limiters raised to 8500 in high, 8000 in low, and 7200 in reverse
  • 100% Throttle opening vs. factory 50% limitation
  • Improved throttle response in all modes
  • Improved ignition timing advance optimized for 91 Octane for maximum power
  • Fueling adjusted for aftermarket components (intakes, exhausts) for optimal Air/Fuel Ratios
  • No need to run a "piggyback" fuel controller with our reflash for most bolt on mods (You are responsible to make sure your mods are compatible with our programming - Most aftermarket companies' exhausts and intakes are compatible with our programming)
  • Torque Limiters removed for a much more responsive and fun vehicle
  • Cooling fan on temperature is lowered by 20 Deg F, but can be set to whatever temperature the customer wants
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • Stage 1 is 13hp gain to the wheels on stock clutching, 20+ with our clutch kit
  • Stage 1.5 is 15hp gain with stock, 23 clutched
  • Stage 2 is 19hp gain with stock, 27 clutched
  • Stage 3 20hp gain stock, 29 clutched.
  • Stage3R is 30+hp with clutching 

  • Item #: PRGR-900-STG2
  • Manufacturer: RVS Performance

Polaris Ranger 900 Stage 2 package

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