Maverick X3 Race Straight Pipe
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304 Stainless, TIG welded X3 Cat Bypass Pipe & Race Straight Pipe Exhaust frees up additional HP and substantially lowers temperature radiating from the exhaust components.  Any restriction after the turbo directly affects horsepower.  The EVP Cat bypass & Race Slip On will net you 5 wheel horsepower over the with the stock tune (tuning is recommended for correct fueling).  Our slip on exhaust fits just like stock and reuses the factory mounting locations, tip and spark arrestor.  All factory heat shields are reused!

  • Extremely lightweight!
  • Sport exhaust note
  • Lowers heat radiating from the exhaust components
  • Adds approximately 5 horsepower (tuning recommended for fuel corrections)
  • Reuses factory heat shields, exhaust tip and spark arrestor
  • Cat Bypass connects to the OEM or EVP Slip On muffler or Race Straight Pipe!
  • Race Straight Pipe connects to the OEM or EVP Cat Bypass!
  • Optional extra o2 bung for an AFR gauge
  • Item #: MAV-X3-RACE

Maverick X3 Race Straight Pipe

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