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Dynojet Power Vision 3 - Polaris Ace 900 Dynojet Power Vision 3 License token - PV3 ONLY
Dynojet Power Vision 3 - Polaris Ace 900Dynojet Power Vision 3 License token - PV3 ONLY

The ACE 900 is extreemly handicapped with a 60% throttle limiter reducing the capability of the 900 Prostar engine drastically. Our tuning will open up the throttle, remove the torque limiters, correct fueling and modify timing to maximize power...

The new Dynojet PV3 (pictured) unit will now allow you to multi license for tuning more than 1 vehicle with the same unit! This token will allow you to add an additional VIN number to the unit and go back and forth between all licensed vehicles...




Polaris ACE 900 ECU Tuning Power Vision tune file
Polaris ACE 900 ECU TuningPower Vision tune file

Building on the success of our Ranger ECU tunes, RVS Performance has released its long anticipated ACE 900 ReFlashes. We flash your ECU to our own custom tune. Huge horsepower gains have been realized through timing, fueling and torque limit...

Tune files for power vision for existing PVCX and PV3 owners. First tune file is for new customers, for which we have not tuned your machine. Second file is for both returning customers that already have a tune from us that they want another...