Dynojet Power Vision 3 - Polaris Ranger 150
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-The latest generation of Dynojet’s Power Vision is now available for Polaris Off-Road vehicles!  Designed to cover more models than ever before, you can now unlock the secrets that are hiding in your ECU.  The Power Vision has extensive calibration access for custom tuning, industry exclusive features, and world-class support. Comes empty or can be ordered with our custom tunes for fast, easy ,huge HP gains. 


-No need to send in your ECU or purchase a new one with this unit.

-It will store multiple tune files as well as the stock one so you can change between them at any time.

-Can be licensed to tune multiple Polaris vehicles

-We offer a FREE tune for the Ranger 150. We can make it more restricted or remove the restrictions and open them up to their maximum potential. Please let us know what you're after in teh special instructions box at checkout.

-Provides additional gauges for engine monitoring, data logging features to allow us to remotely adjust your tune if needed or desired. Flashes back to stock for warranty work to minimize the risk of the dealer knowing you tuned your ECU. 

-Keeps your engine hours and machine miles the same unlike running a second ECU, and there is no down time shipping parts back and forth. Also keeps your factory VIN and ECU Serial numbers together unlike getting a new ecu or in many cases sending yours in to be done at other places that just use a generic mass file built from one machine.   

·         Flash ECU via vehicle diagnostic connector, no need to open or remove ECU from the vehicle

·         Display and / or log vehicle data channels in real-time

·         “Hindsight” feature captures last 2 minutes of data with the touch of a button

·          Weather resistant for use in all conditions


Our standard custom tune includes:

  • Rev Limiters raised
  • Speed limiters removed
  • 100% Throttle opening
  • Improved throttle response
  • Tuned for 87 octane fuel
  • Torque Limiters adjusted or removed for a much more responsive and fun vehicle
  • Cooling fan on temperature is lowered.


  • Item #: PV3-RGR-150
  • Manufacturer: RVS Performance

Dynojet Power Vision 3 - Polaris Ranger 150

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