Denali Plow Pulley System
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The DENALI Plow Pulley Fairlead is ready for snow! Designed specifically to resist wear from the steep angle that occurs between the winch and the plow, thus extending the life of your plow lift system.


  • Roller
    • Standard (3" x 4 7/8") and Wide (3" x 6.67") bolt patterns
    • Replaces the winch fairlead during the plow season
    • Curved cable groove helps eliminate flattening and breaking of cable
    • Multiple roller positions for different cable angles
    • For use with Steel AND Synthetic cables
    • SKU: MA11203 / MA11203W
  • Sheave
    • Includes pulley, 1/4" clevis hook and nylon strap
    • Allows greater precision when raising/lowering plow blade
    • Increase the angle of pull
    • SKU: MA11207
  • Cable
    • 12' length, 1/4" diameter
    • Single braid, dyneema rope
    • Galvanized steel thimble/eyelet
    • No kinks, rust or metal splinters
    • Low stretch and recoil
  • Item #: Plow-Roller
  • Manufacturer: Moto Alliance

Denali Plow Pulley System

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