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Clutch Alignment Bar - Universal Clutch Spring Compressor Tool
Clutch Alignment Bar - UniversalClutch Spring Compressor Tool

*The only alignment bar capable of aligning all offsets on all snowmobiles and ATV’s. *Easy to use, no tools required *Can align engine alignment on most machines using the removable center adaptor *High resolution graphics and oil...

*Removes all primary and secondary clutch springs *Works on all Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-doo, Yamaha, Primary and most secondary’s, Including TEAM. *Removes Arctic Cat Diamond Drive Springs *Can bolt directly to bench or fit in any standard vise.



Delrin washers Gates G-Force Belt - Polaris 19G3982
Delrin washersGates G-Force Belt - Polaris 19G3982

The compression spring in the TEAM® roller clutch has to rotate in the spring pocket as the clutch shifts. You can greatly reduce the scrubbing friction of the spring with the Delrin washer kit. Slippery Delrin washers go on top and bottom of...

Gates G-Force Aramid ATV and Snowmobile drive belts deliver exceptional CVT transmission performance in a drop-in OEM-upgrade design. These high-performance Kevlar-fiber reinforced belts provide maximum power-transmission and superior...



Polaris Boss Secondary Rollers Polaris Primary Clutch Puller PCP-12
Polaris Boss Secondary RollersPolaris Primary Clutch Puller PCP-12

Upgrade and replace the square sliders in your stock Polaris secondary for 2016+ RZR 1k, General, and many others. The factory square sliders create more friction and cause slower shift response and accelerated wear of the secondary clutch. THhse...

PCP-12 (PCP12) Fits: Polaris 550 Sportsman XP 4x4 09-15, 550 Sportsman (all models) 10-15, 570 RZR 4x4 12-17, 800 RZR 4x4 (all models) 08-14, 850 Scrambler 13-17, 850 Sportsman XP 4x4 09-17, 850 Sportsman (all models) 09-17 Precise machining for...



Polaris Secondary spring- Silver / Orange Polaris Team Tied Secondary Rollers
Polaris Secondary spring- Silver / OrangePolaris Team Tied Secondary Rollers

Fits Boss secondary clutch 2016+ and all ranger 900 without EBS. May fit other models too.  Rate 100/200

Upgraded replacedment rollers for Team Tied secondary clutches. 

Sold each



QSC Silver/Blue/Red primary spring QSC Silver/Green primary spring
QSC Silver/Blue/Red primary springQSC Silver/Green primary spring

QSC primary spring forthe QSC, Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki primary clutches.

QSC primary spring forthe QSC, Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki primary clutches.




Razorback Belt Temp Gauge RZR 570 Clutch Kits
Razorback Belt Temp GaugeRZR 570 Clutch Kits

Save money on belts by being able to monitor belt temperature the most accurate way possible. The leading design using an infrared sensor you will not get a more accurate reading. This gauge is equipped with a 15' wire lead so it can be used on 2...

Our custom built clutch kits are the absolute best on the market! Proven winners in many race circuits all around the world. In the RZR 570 we use QSC's patented adjustable weights and springs and custom match them to your machine, it's...



Secondary spring- Silver / Black Silver primary spring
Secondary spring- Silver / Black Silver primary spring

QSC Silver / Black secondary spring  Rate 100/210 Team tied

QSC primary spring forthe QSC, Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki primary clutches.




Silver/Blue primary spring Team Tied Helix
Silver/Blue primary springTeam Tied Helix

QSC primary spring forthe QSC, Polaris, Can-Am, and Kawasaki primary clutches.


These custom helixes make your machine more responsive in all conditions and much less prone to RPM and top-end power loss in higher load conditions (sand, snow, mud etc.) as well as at higher elevations and when running larger, more aggressive tires. Options available in both EBS and Non-EBS