Black Jack Tire sealant - 16oz
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This revolutionary tire sealant stays liquid in your tires flowing around as you drive. It is designed to be run in your tires BEFORE you get a puncture. It can be added through the valve stem in just a few minutes. It is impregnated with kevlar fibers and will instantly seal any puncture up to 3/8" as you drive. Once an object has penetrated yoru tire, the air pressure inside will push some of the liquid out sealing the hole and allowing you to continue driving on an inflated tire. In many cases, unknown to you untill you see the cured fluid when you stop.  It also does not cure inside the tire like the green slime so tire changes are still super easy! 

Recommended to run 16-28oz per ATV/SXS tire

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Black Jack Tire sealant - 16oz

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