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Billet Aluminum Vent to Atmosphere Blow off Valve Kit Maverick X3 Intercooler Fan Override Kit
Billet Aluminum Vent to Atmosphere Blow off Valve KitMaverick X3 Intercooler Fan Override Kit
The Maverick X3 Vent to Atmosphere Blow Off Valve (BOV) kit is now complete. High performance turbo systems require a BOV when running higher than stock boost pressures. The reason is turbochargers continue to force air into the charge tubes and...For customers that want full control over their intercooler fan and when it is activated, our override switch is the answer. 100% plug and play kit seamlessly connects into the intercooler fan harness and allows the switch to control the fan....



Maverick X3 Pre-Filter Maverick X3 Ultra High Efficiency Intercooler
Maverick X3 Pre-FilterMaverick X3 Ultra High Efficiency Intercooler

Pre filters are a very well known way to screen our larger particulates that would clog the main filter much sooner. The Maverick X3 EVP Pre filter greatly extends the run time between filter cleaning/replacement.

RVS is proud to introduce our Maverick X3 Ultra High Efficiency Intercooler. We at RVS Performance have once again teamed with Evolution Powersports to mitigate one of the largest problems facing Can Am X3 owners and racers running in high...



Maverick X3 V-Flow Intake X3 2018 Fuel Pump
Maverick X3 V-Flow IntakeX3 2018 Fuel Pump
X3 2018 Fuel Pump – For 2018 Can Am has upgraded the fuel pump assembly over the 2017 models. This upgraded pump assembly allows customers to run the powerful and further refined 2018 flashes. We have everything from pump gas to E85 tunes!...



X3 2018 Intercooler Fan X3 Silicone Charge Tubes
X3 2018 Intercooler FanX3 Silicone Charge Tubes
For those looking to upgrade the efficiency of their 2017 X3 intercooler – look no further than our 2018 X3 Intercooler Fan! We have sourced the exact intercooler fan BRP uses on the 2018 X3. The 18 Fan has a more powerful electric motor...

The EVP Reinforced Silicone Charge Tubes for the Maverick X3 are in stock and ready for big boost! Our direct replacement boost hoses have been burst tested to over 100 psi and come with high strength T Bolt Clamps for the throttle body and both...



X3 Turbo Hi-Flow Cleanable Filter with Pre-Filter X3 V-Flow Intake Kit
X3 Turbo Hi-Flow Cleanable Filter with Pre-FilterX3 V-Flow Intake Kit

The EVP Can Am X3 Turbo Hi-Flow High Performance Air Filter System is a Direct-Fit Replacement air filter for the OEM Filter. Our intake system fits within the factory air box. Our higher flowing air filter systems offer significant improvements...

We have extensively examined the Maverick X3 and have determined through many hours on the dyno that the stock air filter canister outlet is too small when trying to make big horsepower. Any restriction before the turbocharger directly effects...