Impact Implements 54" Disc Plow
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Impact Implements Disc Plow

The Impact Implements Disc Plow is a must have multi-functional accessory to the Impact Implements line.  A versatile tool for food plot preparation, gardening or just cutting up clumps of soil.  Attaches to the Impact Implements 1-Point Lift System or 3-Point CAT-0 Hitch with a single pin.

  • Features eight (8), 14" notched, hardened steel, cutter disc blades
  • Two (2), sets of four discs provide 54" of cutting width
  • Features a stable axle with two (2) heavy duty roller bearings per axle
  • 13° fixed angle on the discs when mounted on the lift frame
  • 15°blade angle of attack
  • 2" back side receiver accepts a weight tray for added downward pressure and increased soil penetration (sold separately below)
  • Single hitch pin (included) attachment for quick and easy accessory changes
  • For use with Impact Implements 1-Point Lift  system or 3-point lift system
  • Weight: 120 lbs

Impact Implements Weight Tray

Add up to 80lbs of downward force to our Impact Implements Disc Plow with our Impact Implements Weight Tray.  Attaches with a single pin and holds up to two (2) cement cinder blocks to help cut deeply into the toughest soil when preparing food plots, gardening and other agricultural needs.

  • Adds weight for extra soil penetration
  • Holds two (2) cement cinder blocks (approximate weight 80lbs)
  • Item #: IMP-Disc
  • Manufacturer: Moto Alliance

Impact Implements 54" Disc Plow

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