Impact Implements 50" Plug Aerator
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Impact Implements Aerator

The Impact Implements 50” Plug Aerator is perfect for core aeration. Benefits your lawn by making it healthier, reducing its maintenance requirements, enhancing strong root growth and reducing soil compaction. Attaches to the Impact Implements 1-Point Lift System or 3-Point CAT-0 Hitch with a single pin.

  • Features 36 replaceable knives that pull ¾” soil plugs up to 4” deep
  • 10 ½” up/down adjustment range to raise and lower aerator
  • 2" back side receiver accepts a weight tray for added downward pressure and increased soil penetration (sold separately)
  • Single hitch pin (included) attachment for quick and easy accessory changes
  • For use with Impact Implements 1-Point Lift System and Impact Implements 3-Point Cat-0 Hitch System (sold separately)
  • weight: 76lbs

Impact Implements Weight Tray

Add up to 80lbs of downward force to our Impact Implements Aerator with our Impact Implements Weight Tray.  Attaches with a single pin and holds up to two (2) cement cinder blocks to help cut deeply into the toughest soil when preparing food plots, gardening and other agricultural needs.

  • Adds weight for extra soil penetration
  • Holds two (2) cement cinder blocks (approximate weight 80lbs)
  • Item #: Impact-Aerator
  • Manufacturer: Moto Alliance
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Impact Implements 50" Plug Aerator

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